The Summary of Summer

Because maybe I will come back to school tomorrow, specially I write the artical which summarizes what I did this summer.

Actually, this summer vocation is longger than ever, it lasts more than two months since our final exam was taken in advance. Originally, I planned my summer with many things together, such as Java, CCNA, Network labs, and a part-time job or maybe called practice.

But the two months has elapsed, I only satisfatory a partial of my plan. No Java, or no part-time job. Once again there are differences between what I want to do and what I did. However, at the same time, I did something I didn’t planned.

What I insist doing most durable? That is studying CCNA. I began to read again the CCNA from July 3rd, and began with the CCNA2 which is the eletronic version of curriculum rather than the published and Chinese version I read last time. And this time I read the book with much more care, so I understood and rememebred more terminology than before, and made the knowledge in separated areas of the brain connected. I will take part in the exam of certifacation in early September.

What most impress me? That is the experience I went to the C’s home. The day, I went to C’s home to join them with playing PS2, and had a great afternoon. But when having dinner, something surprising me happened. Her parents made a request that I fix the router in their home. I was exciting then because this is first time I feel I can use the network knowledge I learned to help other people, and the most important they trusted me so I had the confidence to finish the task. But simutaneously I felt a little worry because this the shared router, which is different from the Cisco routers I learned, and mostly used in SOHO. I tried my best to understand how to use it and what the problem was. Luckily, after the few minutes of diagnosis, everything went well except the another not relative problem.

The new term comes, and I expect…



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