An Unusual Day

Today, many suprising things happened to me, so I think it is an unusual day. First, I discovered a free virtual host provider by accident.

The website is more than free. The service it provides maybe much better than the service  paid in our country. It provides 10 GB size to each free user and 10 GB the amount of flow per month. It is called

So in the afternoon, I tried to plan how to use the so big space. First of all, the blog software WordPress occured in my mind, so I immediately built the blog which I can  completely control including themes and plugins. At last, the blog was built successfully.


I ever thought that whether I should move to the new blog, but finally I dicided to stay here because I think here is more reliable and there are some people maintaining the site always.

At night, another unusual thing happened. My roommate came back to the our room so that we four are all in the room now. As long as he came back, I knew that I must do the rest cleaning tonight. Now I have finished the work and feel ease.



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